Maggie Paul  – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

Maggie Paul 

Maggie Paul is the Mi’kmaq Business Skills Coordinator at Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design. Maggie joined the team after graduating from Cape Breton Business College with a concentration in Business Administration. With a great appreciation of art and recognizing the need for support of Mi’kmaq artisans with the business side to their work, the role fit perfectly for her.

From Membertou, Maggie always had a deep connection to the art around her. Growing up she was told stories of her long linage of women who weaved baskets and made flowers to support their families all over Atlantic Canada. Maggie grew up admiring beadwork, basket weaving, regalia making, and her favorite, quillwork. From a young age, she understood that Mi’kmaq art holds history, traditional knowledge and is of great importance to communities. Her goal is to increase visibility and appreciation of Mi’kmaq art and artisans in Unama’ki. With her knowledge and passion for business, she hopes to get more Indigenous art in the gallery, produce exhibitions, and overall help artisans build their dream businesses.