Tara Johnson – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson is the Mi’kmaq Art Coordinator for Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design. Tara recently joined the team after graduating from Cape Breton University with a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Mi’kmaq Studies. Tara’s passion for art started in High School where she learned to bead. Early on in Tara’s career as an artist she realized the importance of sharing knowledge and passing on the knowledge and history of beading to the future generations within her community, to keep crafts like beading alive within the communities.

Tara is from Potlotek First Nation, where she had the opportunity to watch elder’s practice the arts, and tell stories of the importance of art within her culture and she hopes with her education and experience that she can help pave the way in getting culturally enriching workshops within all the First Nation communities in Cape Breton. Tara strives to help towards a resurgence of culturally enriching crafts and art. Tara realizes that the arts are an important factor in the Mi’kmaq culture and is excited to help provide these very important workshops to the communities across Cape Breton.