Susan Bernard – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Susan Bernard

Susan Bernard is an arts facilitator, craftsperson, and Future Legacy Leader from Membertou with a practice deeply rooted in community and inter-generational learning. Susan is passionate about learning about her own Mi’kmaw and other Indigenous cultures, and she strongly believes in the transfer of knowledge about culture, arts, and craft from generation to generation. She brings this passion and dedication to nurturing traditional knowledge-sharing and community care to her role as Mi’kmaw Arts Manager at the Centre.

Susan has close family relationships, and has collaborated with her Mi’kiju (grandmother), Serena Francis, on several projects including Regeneration of Mi’kmaw Star Stories through Storytelling along with Carola Knockwood and Melissa Lunney, which has led to the opportunity to speak with many Knowledge Keepers across Turtle Island. She has also co-hosted a podcast titled Strength from Stardust, presented classes at UNB and CBU, facilitated a Webinar, cofacilitated, organized and planned multiple Wampum Belt Workshops in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which she later translated into an online workshop – all in close collaboration with Serena.

Susan was taught how to make Wampum Belts by Serena and hopes to eventually pass that knowledge down to the next generations. In her free time, she enjoys creating and designing Wampum Belts, crocheting blankets, and trail running.