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Richard and Virginnia Butts

Twishaboo walking sticks and canes are one of a kind, handcrafted Cape Breton treasures. To date, we have created items from white spruce, black spruce, red maple, striped maple, wild apple, red oak, willow, large-toothed aspen, balsam poplar, amelanchier (serviceberry), and speckled alder. We hand select each branch, trunk or root for its unique shape, strength and quality. The rough sticks are cut to the appropriate length and then dried slowly and naturally. Next, the bark is removed and the sanding process begins. It takes hours to turn the rough wood into a finished cane or walking stick that feels smooth and almost soft to the touch. All our crafts are sealed with five or more coats of tung oil as a natural finish that protects the wood beautifully and is easy for you to refinish in the future to cover natural wear and tear.