Jewellery (Introductory Level) – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Jewellery (Introductory Level)

Jewellery (Introductory Level)
Date: April 22 – June 17, 2024 (Mondays, 8 weeks)
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Instructor: Liam Theoret-deplante
Fee: $171.60 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $197.34 plus HST (Non-Members)

Liam will discuss the fundamentals of designing and creating jewellery(things like Form and Function and drafting a concept design), finding a type of jewellery that interests you and that will help guide you on making your own individual pieces.

The first few weeks Liam will be going over basic techniques (making ring bands, chains, earrings, etc) and the last few weeks are going to be implementing those techniques into a design of their choice. (Kit Fee cost approximately $60 to $80)

Week 1: Intro to Chain Weaving
You will learn about the basic safety in the jewellery studio, first aid kit, location, fire exits, etc.

You will be taught 1 of 2 basic chain weaves (Byzantine or Foxtail) and then turn it into a bracelet.

Week 1: Intro to Ring Bands
You will learn about how to properly size a ring, cut out and solder silver into a ring blank. If it is of any interest, Liam will also go over basic carving techniques with hand files.

You will also learn how to safely operate the propane and acetylene torches, learning about different grades of solder, and several soldering techniques.

Week 3: Intro to Tools
You will learn how to use various tools around the studio (disc cutter, rolling mill, dapping block, etc and will be shown how to make slightly more complex pieces of jewelry using them (earrings, pendants)

Week 4-8: Working on Personal Project
Students will use this time to design a simple project of their choice and begin to work on it ideally until completion.

Materials List:
Safety glasses (if you have them)
An N95 rated mask for dust and particles and of course some inspiration!