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Printmaking (Introductory Level)

Printmaking (Introductory Level)
Date: April 26 – June 21, 2023 (Wednesdays, 8 weeks)
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Instructor: Emma Whaley
Fee: $132 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $151.80 plus HST (Non-Members)

Printmaking is known for its reproduction capabilities. This 8-week class offers an introduction to print history, application, and techniques. You are invited to explore Block Printing, Screen-printing, and Intaglio Printing in this hands-on workshop designed to inform and inspire. (No class June 14)

Emma Whaley Whaley is Graphic Designer from the small town of Brighton Ontario. Today, they are an Illustrator based in Cape Breton University. Whaley enjoys exploring new mediums and techniques. A skilled drawer, painter, and fiber artist, Whaley appreciates many forms of art and design. They are also knowledgeable of relief, screen, and intaglio printmaking. Whaley recently has taken up beadwork and is pursuing a career as a secondary school educator at Cape Breton University. With a background in Atlantic and Art History, Whaley is devoted to the application and appreciation of historical and cultural impacts on contemporary arts and makers.

Unit 1 History and application:
History of print over a range of regions and applications. What interests you, what interests you about printmaking? Relief print, silk screen, and intaglio. Safety and material handling. The sketchbook.

Unit 2 Preliminary Work:
How to sketch for print. research to prevent plagiarism and appropriation. Getting started, the mirrored image, and working in layers.

Unit 3 Introduction to Block Printing:
Artists and examples. The first sketch and carving of the block. Relief paper and paper handling. Paper cutting, the deckled edge.

Unit 4 Block Printing Continued:
Relief Printing. The press, setting the press, and burnishing. Editions, signing, and the title.Unit 5 Intaglio Printing:
Preparing zinc plates. Dry-point etching vs acid etching. Using the etching needle. Beveling the plate. Spurs and barbs.Unit 6 Intaglio Printing Continued:Intaglio printing. Setting the press. Wiping the plates and etching inks. Soaking and drying the paper.

Unit 7 Introduction to Screen Printing:
Layers and preliminary sketches using positive and negative space. Cleaning the screens. Photo emulsion, screen filler, and screen drawing fluid. Preparing your screen.

Unit 8 Exposing your image and printing:

Material List:
A sketchbook or sketching paper
Pencil or other drawing tools
Paper towel

Advance registration for members begins April 3.

General registration for non-members begins April 17.

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