Creating Landscapes in Watercolor (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Creating Landscapes in Watercolor (Intermediate to Advanced Level)

Creating Landscapes in Watercolor (Intermediate to Advanced Level)
Date: September 19 – November 21, 2022 (Mondays, 8 weeks)
Time: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Instructor: Kenny Boone
Fee: $132 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $151.80 plus HST (Non-Members)

Learn to understand the exciting and colorful medium of watercolor, it’s materials and tools required to successfully grow your watercolour skills. You will be introduced to the 7 important elements that one should consider in-order to pull off a successful landscape painting line; value; color; texture; shape; direction & composition. Letting go and allowing the fluid pigments to flow will be the main objective over this eight week course. (No class on October 10 & 31)

Kenny Boone
has been painting full time for over 30 years. Mainly using the medium of watercolor, his experience and knowledge comes with years of trial and error, the teacher of all creative artist’s. Kenny has exhibited extensively in private and public galleries and his paintings can be found in numerous private collections throughout North America, Australia and Europe. When not painting on location, Kenny works from his studio in the coastal town of Dominion.

Supply List:
Sketch Book…Approx Size  9’’x12’’/Spiral Bound /Mixed Media Paper, middle of the road, avoid the cheapest one, the thinner the paper is, the harder it is to work with.
Lead Pencils…2h, 4h, 2b, 4b
Kneaded Eraser
3/4 ‘’Masking Tape, automotive quality, not dollar store that peels off when wet
Tracing paper/not a must but would be good to have
Exacto blade or utility knife, inexpensive one
Straight edge of some sort/ruler or set square
A selection of watercolour brushes, nothing too small, include a wash brush if possible
A selection of tube watercolour pigments, primary colours plus whatever else you want
Plastic watercolour palette, one with a top or anything that will hold pigments and have a mixing area
Plastic credit cards
Hair dryer/Heat gun..not necessary but would be useful, one in the room is enough
Water colour paper / 22’’x 30’’ cold press, 140lb and 22’’x 30’’ hot press watercolour paper 140lb or illustration board….one of each if possible.  Bring whatever you have for first class.
Spray bottle and water containers like yogurt/becel plastic containers
Box of Kleenex…not for tears
Time, energy and interest…welcome to the creative process.

Advance registration for members begins August 30.

General registration for non-members begins September 12.

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