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Craft Business

Accessing Business Growth for Craftspeople in Unama’ki-Cape Breton

The Craft Business Development Program is aimed at enhancing business skills for our Maker Members in Unama’ki-Cape Breton. We encourage makers of every practice to explore the program’s opportunities. We facilitate business skills development activities and engage with community partners to gather resources for craft producers at all stages of their careers. Our goal is to help you enhance productivity, drive promotion, and improve your capacity for growth.

Who is this program for?

You are:

  • Emerging creator
  • Mid-career
  • Established producer
  • Late career maker

You want:

  • to perfect or learn a craft
  • opportunities to grow your practice
  • explore new markets
  • downsize or pass on a skills

The Craft Business Development Coordinator delivers workshops, funding, wholesale and export opportunities, mentorship connections, and training to support sustainable craft practices in Unama’ki-Cape Breton.

Explore the tabs to the left to learn about what we do and how we might be able to service your needs. If you have questions about how to get started, or you want to share your ideas about growing your business, reach out to have a chat.

CRAFT PAPER is the Centre’s regular Creative Entrepreneurship newsletter. You can sign up using the button below. 

"Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design has played a tremendous role in helping to grow our soap-making hobby into a successful business. They have provided assistance with various aspects of our business, from obtaining funding to marketing to expanding into the world of online sales. They truly care about their artisans and it is evident in the measures they have taken to help us succeed!" Shannon Costelo
Groovy Goat Farm & Soap Company