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Support for Creative Entrepreneurs in Unama’ki-Cape Breton

Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design offers entrepreneurship skills development activities for craft producers, makers, and artists at all career stages in Unama’ki-Cape Breton Island. As a part of our programming, the Centre provides funding to support many activities to grow your business.

This program provides up to 75% non-repayable financial assistance to support the professional development of our Maker Member’s creative careers.

The Centre is committed to the equitable distribution of available funds among qualified applicants. Businesses owned or operated by Women, Mi’kmaq, IBPoC, 2SLGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply and self-identify on their applications. Funding is limited based on availability.

Funding Streams:
  1. Website Development
    • We can help with costs associated with revamping your existing website or building a new one – especially if there is a focus on e-commerce.
  2. Branding and Storytelling
    • This program is designed to help you develop marketing and promotional materials that support your business and website. Your branding should represent your vision – thoughtful marketing helps convey your message to your customers.
  3. Trade Shows/Missions
    • We can assist with booth fees, travel (mileage or flight), and accommodation for trips that will help your practice develop to the next stage.
  4. Consultancy Services
    • Sometimes you can’t do it all, or you don’t know where to start. This stream helps fund one-on-one assistance from a professional on various services. Think: succession planning, e-commerce, taxes, exporting, wholesaling, etc. If you’re curious about it let’s find a solution.
Am I eligible?
  • You have a current Maker Membership (formerly called Juried Member) in good standing with Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design.
  • You can provide proof of current registration with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stocks Companies.
  • You are a craft producer based in Unama’ki-Cape Breton.

Still unsure?

Take the CEP Funding Eligibility Quiz here:


What is the Registry for Joint Stocks Companies? 

Excellent question. The Registry of Joint Stocks Companies is exactly what it sounds like – a list of companies operating in Nova Scotia.

I’m not registered, do I *have* to in order to qualify? 

Yes, but it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. You can find out all about it on their website here. Registration is quick, but remember to follow their guidelines around having a descriptive element in your business name. 

Will this affect my taxes? 

No, this is completely separate to taxes. 

What do I do if I need help? 

Please email for assistance if you have further questions. 

Application Steps


  • All links are for Google Forms, but alternatives and assistance are available if required. Please contact
  • Please review the Program Guidelines file for more detailed explanations of these programs. This document outlines which costs are covered, who is eligible, and the responsibilities of the applicant.


Step 1: Complete your Profile using the form below 

*This profile IS NOT an application – it is a general form that is required for all applications and this can be completed at any time. 
If you are planning to apply for more than one funding stream, you only need to complete this form once every 3 years. 

Applicants will receive a link to download their profile. It is recommended that applicants retain a copy of their profile for record keeping purposes. 

Step 2: Complete and Submit the funding application form

Step 3: Application Review

At this stage, the application is reviewed internally and is either moved forward to the approval stage, or is rejected. 

An applicant can request a consultation and reapply at any time, unless an application is rejected because an applicant has exceeded their funding for that stream in the previous 3 years. 

Step 4: Quoting & Contracting 

If mentorship is required (i.e. web mentorship is necessary for most new website builds), a session will be coordinated to assess what work needs to be done. A report is created during this session that will outline the scope and scale of the project which can be used to approach vendors and track project deliverables.

At this stage, applicants are also responsible for the collection of quotes for work to be done (e.g. website development costs) in order to shape the contract parameters. 

All funding approvals are governed by a contract. Program participants are strongly encouraged to review their contracts prior to signing. 

The full program overview can be reviewed here

Step 5: Project Delivery 

This can take anywhere from two (2) weeks to six (6) months, depending on the scope of work.

Once the project is complete, participants are required to report on the outcomes. You may be required to report on this for up to two (2) years, depending on the scope of work completed.  

Step 6: Reporting

This report form is quick and to the point, making it as easy as possible for both participants and CBCCD staff to record the necessary information for the funders. 

Before you apply 

Application Checklist 

  • I have reviewed the Program Guidelines before applying.
  • I have completed an Entrepreneur’s Profile for Craftspeople.
    • You will need to upload your Nova Scotia Joint Stocks Registration as part of your profile
  • Optional but helpful: Hi-resolution images of your work; or illustrative images of the proposed project if appropriate to the application.
    • Max total file size 100MB: can be compiled in a .doc/x/PDF or presentation OR uploaded as individual image files.

If you are interested in any of our programs or would like assistance with forms, please reach out via email at – she will be happy to help.