Tree of Life, Jewellery (Introductory to Intermediate Level) – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

Tree of Life, Jewellery (Introductory to Intermediate Level)

Tree of Life, Jewellery (Introductory Level)
Date: March 14, 2019 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Instructor: Tasha Matthews
Location: Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre
Fee: $25 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $28.75 plus HST (Non Members)
Kit cost: $15 (payable in person to the Instructor)

Come and explore one of the most popular designs found in jewellery making. The Tree of Life has ancient roots and is steeped in deep meaning that spans many cultures, and often becomes a kind of talisman for the wearer. This is a class that offers a wide variety of choice, from the leaves (semi-precious stone, glass, or pearl) to the colour of the trunk and branches (silver, copper or brass). You’ll also learn how to give each tree its own unique character – you can make it look young (tall and straight) or wizened (gracefully bent). You’ll work with wire to create the frame, a hammer to work harden it, and then fine wire to twist and form the branches and leaves. (Maximum 10 students) Please note: All materials are cadmium, lead, and nickel free.

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