South Side Boularderie Online Community Exhibition – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

South Side Boularderie Online Community Exhibition

This series of community photographs is a result of the experience of isolation during the global pandemic. It is a result of realising that I did not know many of my neighbours faces. Pre-pandemic life was: gym, work, home, sleep repeat. While being locked down at home, and with a sad lack of cardio equipment in my dreary basement gym, I began walking on my beaten rural roads and meeting neighbours, appropriately social distanced of course. In some cases, it was the first time I was seeing my neighbours faces and I’ve lived here for nearly a decade.

The impetus for this series of community photographs was a result of the lovely and heartwarming gesture of one of our young residents who went about the community leaving motivational messages on painted rocks. This spurred me on to do something creative to help me (and perhaps them) feel more connected to our community during this difficult time.

Like so many of us during COVID-19 I had been looking for a creative outlet, and while I am not a professional artistic photographer, I used this medium as a means to make a connection during an extraordinary time.

These photos capture some of my community members and their pets. Some residents are newcomers while others are “lifers”. I hope to add to this collection and continue to not be so cyclical in my daily routines.

–Lori Burke, Executive Director