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Introduction to Slip Casting

Introduction to Slip Casting
Date: Thursdays, February 11 & 13 & Saturday, February 18, 2021
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Instructor: Solskin (SKE) Brask
Fee: $85.00 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $119.00 plus HST (Non-Members)

Slip casting is a method of pouring liquid clay into plaster molds to create multiples of the same shape.

Class 1: The Instructor will teach a brief demo of slip casting and what all three classes will look like. Studentswill pick out their molds and pour slip into the molds.

Class 2: Students will take their pieces out of the molds and work on their leather hard work. A brief demo will be given on underglaze/decorative techniques students may be interested in having on their work.

Class 3: The Instructor will teach a brief demo of how to glaze bisqueware. Students will then choose their glazes or any other decorative pieces they would like to add and then glaze their work.

Tuition fees include the use of all tools, equipment, glazes, firings and clay.

Solskin (SKE) Brask is a ceramicist and illustrator. After graduating from OCAD University they have been accepted under the year long emerging artist residency. They combine elements of illustration, fibre, clay and other found materials to create a visual language exploring the themes of identity and gender, Solskin is influenced by intersections of identity and shared memory. Using bright colours, textures and bold shapes, Solskin creates work that is politically charged, yet holds space for abstract and hidden messages. 

Advanced registration for members begins January 4. General registration for non members begins January 11.

For more information on this program or to register, email or phone 902.539.7491 ext 111.