Painting a Watercolour Still Life (Intermediate to Advanced Level) – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

Painting a Watercolour Still Life (Intermediate to Advanced Level)

Painting a Watercolour Still Life (Introductory to Advanced Level)
Date: March 16, 2019 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm
Instructor: Christopher Gorey
Fee: $96 plus HST (Members) | Fee: $110.04 plus HST (Non Members)

In the morning session the students will be introduced to the still life by drawing from life. The use of line, shape, proportion, design and the setting up of the still life composition will be discussed at this time.

Once the students are comfortable with the drawing aspect of the project, Mr. Gorey will introduce the watercolour medium. He will discuss the materials used in watercolour painting as well as the various techniques associated with its application. To give the student reinforcement, Mr. Gorey will demonstrate a still life using some of these techniques.

At this time the class will set out to paint a still life of their own, using objects that they bring in from home or find in the classroom. Mr. Gorey will provide personal attention to each student during the afternoon session. A final critique and discussion will ensue as to what was learned along with positive comments regarding the strong points in each students work as well as what could be improved. (There will be a half hour break for lunch)

Suggested Watercolour material list:

Paint colours (artist quality)
Hansa or cad. yellow light hue
Hansa or cad. Orange hue
Cobalt Blue or Ultramarine
Cerulean Blue Hue
Permanent Rose or Alizarin
Permanent red or Cad Red light
Thalo or Winsor Green
Sap Green
Titanium White gouache (optional)
Tissues or paper towels, masking tape or bulldog clips
Sable or synthetic Brushes: #’s 4, 10, 14 rounds; ½ “chisel (minimum)
Palette, water container
HB pencil, white nylon eraser, razor blade or old credit card
Board for 10” x 15” paper size
Paper: Block or single sheet, 140 lb. Arches, Fabriano or Waterford 100% rag rough
Please bring in at least 3 still life objects that you would like to paint

Christopher Gorey
was born and educated in the US and graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art. After numerous painting excursions to Atlantic Canada he moved to the small coastal village of Ingonish to take up painting full time. His career flourished quickly with solo and group exhibitions across North America. In 1981 and again in 1987, Mr. Gorey’s One Dollar Commemorative coin designs were chosen by the Mint to be produced in silver. His paintings have won awards at La Societe Canadienne de L’aquarelle, QC, The Watercolour Art Society of Houston, TX, The Adirondacks National Exhibition of American Watercolour, NY, among others.

Mr. Gorey works in oil and watercolour and his paintings, which reflect a feeling of light and texture, not only depict the people and landscape of his adopted CB but other areas of Eastern Canada as well. His work can be seen in various galleries throughout NS and in St. John’s Newfoundland.

For more information on this program or to register, email or phone 902.539.7491 ext 111.