Printing & Painting with Earth Pigments (Introductory Level) – Cape Breton Centre for Craft

Printing & Painting with Earth Pigments (Introductory Level)

Printing & Painting with Earth Pigments (Introductory Level)
Date: November 13 – November 14, 2020 (Thursday & Friday)
Time: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Instructor: Josie Clarke
Fee: $150 plus HST (Members) | $172.50 plus HST (Non-members)

Students will learn how to paint with natural dyes. They will also learn how to thicken natural dye extracts and apply them directly to the surface of the cloth.

The first day the students will learn a brief history of the craft and how to prepare the pre-treatments for the cloth. They will be spent pre-treating the cloth, and ideation for painting and design. Students will be taught how to map out their various repeats and designs.

The second day will be spent creating the students designs. Instructor will bring a full toolkit for students to choose from.

Students should bring a notebook and pencil, and wear clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty.

Please note: Designs must be wrapped in paper, steamed, left to set overnight and washed. If students cannot wait 24 hours for pickup, they should contact the instructor directly. Materials fee: $30 payable to the artist.

Josie Clarke Growing up in the Robson Valley in BC, Josie was always surrounded by a community of makers. A community that sewed, made music, gardened, fished, and hunted. They made things that were more than things, because in the act of making them by their own hands, they bestowed them with love. She accredits her creative spirit to her childhood in a small town.

Josie Clarke is a textile artist and surface designer. Her expertise lies in the use of plant based dyes and pigments. She uses plants that grow locally as well as sought after plants from around the world to create colour on cloth. Specifically, her work specializes in Japanese shibori, where patterns are created in the cloth by tying or by geometric woodblock clamped folding. As an artist, she sees value in use. She aims to create pieces that her customers can both use in their daily lives and cherish for their unique beauty.

Advanced registration for members begins August 24. General registration for non members begins September 7. 

For more information on this program or to register, email