Reza Bigonah – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Reza Bigonah

Reza Bigonah paintings reflect something personal. He is drawn to vast landscapes, people and objects.  Reza paints a wide variety of subjects in different styles. In every painting he strives to understand the laws of nature and how light functions, and works to achieve a convincing sense of reality while breaking the constraints of a two dimensional surface. Reza believes the responsibility of the artist is to make a unique experience for himself and the viewer. He wants his work to push and pull, to “feel” like inert coloured mud, but to open onto a vision that conveys movement, distance and atmosphere. His paintings invite the viewer into a unique, nostalgic world of imaginative imagery. It is part of the journey of understanding the self and the life we are living. He tries to make each piece of art a unique fusion of design, colour, form and composition.