Product Assessment – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Product Assessment

Product Assessment is a process designed to help craftspeople improve the quality of their craft and marketability should they wish to sell their work in different settings. The assessment is performed by a carefully selected committee of qualified craft makers and craft sector professionals.

To sell product in the Centre’s Gallery Shop, you must be a Maker Member at the Centre and to do so you must submit your work to our product assessment committee to be juried.


Once your work is accepted by the committee, your name is entered in our registry of successfully assessed craftspeople. Inclusion in this registry indicates that your work has been recognized for its level of skill and craftsmanship and can give you access to certain specific craft marketing programmes and opportunities (some programme restrictions may apply). Successfully assessed craftspersons who maintain a membership with the Centre will receive notice of upcoming programmes through a variety of sources such as e-mail and print newsletters. Feel free to approach staff at the Centre regarding any programmes and opportunities that might be of interest to you.

A successful product assessment application does not mean automatic inclusion in marketing opportunities presented by the Centre, including representation in the Centre’s the Gallery Shop. Inclusion in the Gallery Shop is determined by careful consideration of many factors including (but not limited to) availability of space, display requirements, price point, presentation, consumer demand.

Artisans wishing to retail their work through the Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design’s Gallery Shop must reside in Cape Breton at least six months per year.