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Culture Exchange

Culture Exchange is an innovative, women-led, skills development program that kicked off its second season in July 2021 after a successful pilot in 2020. The program supports seven rural and underserved communities, offering over 50 cultural skills workshops across the island. 

Co-led by Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design and the Island Food Network, the Culture Exchange has set out to create grassroots opportunities for women in Unama’ki – Cape Breton to connect and learn together, while laying the groundwork for employment opportunities in the culture sector, or potential culture-based enterprises. 

For the second year, the Culture Exchange supports Culture Exchange Hubs in Margaree, Albert Bridge, Potlotek and Millville. New locations include We’koqma’q, St.Ann’s Bay, and Whitney Pier. 

Find more information on Island Food Network’s website and Facebook page.

For the most up to details on upcoming workshops, visit the Hub Leaders’ social media pages listed below.


Whitney Pier – Culture !n Craft 

Robyn Martelly is a creative with her own small business and now who is the Hub Leader in Whitney Pier. She is passionate about culture and has put together a series of workshops that really celebrate all that her community of Whitney Pier has to offer. 

Contact: Robyn Martelly at
Instagram: @rmartelly

Albert Bridge – Feywood Grove Folkschool

Demmarest Haney, Hub Leader of the Feywood Grove Folk School in Albert Bridge,  where workshops range from pottery to hugelkultur! Demmarest started the folk school  to ensure that there is a place to share knowledge and skills that build local community and resiliency. 

Contact: or 902-562-6990

St. Ann’s Bay – Learning Hands Around the Bay

A long time community organizer, Patsy Leblanc is excited to gather and build connections around the wealth of knowledge and creativity found in her community of St. Ann’s Bay. 

Contact: Patsy LeBlanc at or 902-577-1054

Margaree – Margaree Folk School

Kim Tilsely is a mover and shaker around the Margarees, has been involved in various Upskilling ventures over the years and now is the Hub leader of the Margaree Folk School. You’ll find many land-based Cultural workshops with many materials and ingredients sourced locally. 

Contact: Kimberly Tilsley at
Instagram: @margareefolkschool

Potlotek – Potlotek Cultrapreneurs

A community leader Noelle Doucette organizes workshops that highlight the wealth of skill and knowledge in her community. Topics at the Potlotek Cultrapreneurs have included designing, making and playing of traditional drums and sweetgrass harvesting. 

Contact: Noelle Doucette at

We’komq’ma’k Muine’swak

An accomplished artist, Eva Nicholas brings lots of creativity to her workshops as the hub leader of We’komq’ma’k Muine’swak. 

Contact: Eva Nicholas at

Millville – Grassroots Learning

Farmer and community organizer, Estelle Levangie is passionate about helping others master hands-on skills and is the Hub leader of Grassroots Learning in Millville.

Contact: Estelle Levangie at