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Maskwiomin Inc.

Maskwiomin Inc. proudly introduce to you our all-natural skincare products: birch bark creams, birch bark ointment, and birch bark bar soap. Birch bark extract is the secret ingredient in all of our products as this extract was an almost forgotten Mi’kmaq medicine.With a decade of dedication to academic research, our products are carefully formulated with natural ingredients of the birch bark extract that heal and replenishes damaged and sensitive skins. Maskwiomin is licensed under Health Canada Regulations for cosmetics and skincare products and complies with all health standards. Our company was formally founded in 2020 by Tuma Young, KC and Dr. Matthias Bierenstiel. Tuma Young is a storied Mi’kmaw ethnobotanist and lawyer teaching Mi’kmaq Studies courses at Cape Breton University in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Matthias Bierenstiel is a CEO of Maskwiomin and Professor of Chemistry at Cape Breton University and studies the composition and medicinal properties of the extract. Maskwiomin is 50% Indigenous owned and proud to have strong support from the local Mi’kmaq community as the company’s mission is the ethical commercialization of an Indigenous remedy.We pride ourselves in the small-batch and handcrafted production of soaps, ointments and creams which we rigorously test. Our sought-after birch bark extract formulation is deeply rooted in thousands of years of the Mi’kmaw tradition and in balance with Mother Nature. With our few years of existence, the massive reviews from our esteemed clients have been nothing short of amazing, many have been blown away by the instant healing of damaged skin within 24 hours of using our ointment, others testified to being cured of conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.