Exploring Care through Wearable Art – The Earring Show 2024 – Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

Exploring Care through Wearable Art – The Earring Show 2024

This retail earring show sheds light on the connection between craft and culture. Makers from across Mi’kma’ki have created unique pieces of wearable art that highlight the significance, diversity, and beauty of care. Using a variety of mediums, the works presented relay stories of responsibility, concern, community, or relationships. This show serves as a unique space that presents earrings as a window into contemporary high-level craftsmanship as well as providing an opportunity for the public to engage with wearable art and support local artisans. In a society where individualism is more common than collectivism, these earrings foster connections between communities through shared experiences of care. These special pieces and their stories have the potential to become a part of the wearers’ own narratives. When you purchase these quality pieces, you get to wear your heart on your ears rather than your sleeve.