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Do you have an interest in accommodating our incoming Artists in Residence?

Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design offers opportunities for creative exploration through several Artist Residency Programs. These programs benefit our communities by welcoming makers from all over Canada to live and work in Unama’ki Cape Breton, becoming a part of the creative fabric of the island.

As you already know, there is currently a shortage of affordable rental housing available, which makes it difficult for visiting artists to secure a place to stay while they practice at the Centre.

Many residency programs are fortunate enough to provide additional perks such as stipends and accommodations. Unfortunately, the Centre is not currently able to offer this. It is a long-term goal of the Centre’s to purchase accommodations for visiting artists. However, until we can achieve that goal, we are hopeful that our community can rally to provide a temporary solution that will benefit us all.

The Centre is building a contact list of members and residents who might be open to providing affordable accommodations to visiting artists. To sign up, please follow this link to complete the registration form and we will add you to the list:

Have questions? Please contact if you cannot find the information you need below.


How many artists will need accommodation?

The Centre offers residencies for up to 5 artists working out of the Sydney studios, per semester. These numbers vary depending on the number of successful applications for each semester.

When do the semesters start?

Summer                                 July 1st – August 30th
Fall                                          September 1st – November 30th
Winter                                    January 1st – March 30th
Spring                                     just after Easter – June 30th

How long are the residencies?

Residencies run for a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 12 weeks. If an artist wants to stay longer, they will need to arrange this with their host.

More information about the residency programs can be found on our website here.

What is an affordable rental rate?

Resident Artists don’t always have funding, so all their costs must come out of pocket (travel, accommodation, food etc.). We would ask anyone registering to host that they be mindful of this, and price their accommodation accordingly.

Examples of reasonable rates for an artist travelling alone (not including utility costs):

Room only weekly rate                       –           $100
One bed apartment weekly rate        –           $250
Room only monthly rate                     –           $450
One bed apartment monthly rate      –           $600   

Hosting an artist is a great opportunity to bring in extra income while offering the hospitality that Cape Bretoners are well known for. Please consider signing up today or share this message with others who might be interested.